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Car Air Purifier, Lemon

Car Air Purifier, Lemon

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The Ozone Air Power car purifier produces ozone and anion which rapidly eliminates the cars inside from soot, peculiar smells, and pollutions. It makes your car air fresh and pure by purifying the car.

The Ozone Air Power helps to get rid of mildew smell, smoke smell, formaldehyde, benzene and car fumes.


It has many benefits for health helping to reduce cough, sneezes, asthma and allergies making the air pure and safe for everyone. The Ozone Air Power is a great investment for you and your family to breathe fresh, pure, clean air. 


  • Simply plug into any vehicles 12 volts adapter
  • A soft blue light while in use
  • Light in weight, mini in size and portable
  • Eliminates smoke within 5 minutes

Product Details

  • Input: +12 V